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Jail Guitar Doors

Jail Guitar Doors is a charity that gives musical instruments and lessons to inmates.
This campaign tells the true and personal story of a musician who donated to the program, the prisoner who received his kindness and the changes it made to both of their lives.
Live Straight. Play Music Recklessly.
Print Ads
Ads showcase legendary musicians whose lives have been touched by jailhouse experiences, building positive sentiment around the organization's goal of music-based rehabilitation.
Promote the organization through a "Live Straight. Play Recklessly." station featuring music from formerly incarcerated musicians (who lived positive and inspired lives after doing their time). Additionally, other music featured will include participants in the program who currently remain behind bars, giving them an opportunity to reach others with their music and life learnings. 
Similar to Pandora, a "Live Straight. Play Recklessly." station would feature musicians still on the inside. However, this playlist will allow listeners to record and share back their own versions of the inmates songs in an effort to build bridges and collaboration. The goal is to break down social stigmas around inmates and rehabilitation and form a type of musical pen pal relationship to encourage inmates and engage the public. 
When Shazam users identify a song written by a famous former inmate or an artist currently behind bars, an ad from the organization will appear and unlock exclusive content such as docustories, album artwork, interviews, and behind the scenes footage related to the artist. 
Web Banners
To attract the public beyond streaming music platforms, web banners would be strategically placed on music-related websites.  
Jail cells placed in public spaces throughout major cities will engage the public in a hands-on way to promote the organization and their goals. Here each of the bars of the cell life up and play distinctive blues cords when they are touched. 


Ripomatic for Ad Concept

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