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The original original.  The creative creative.  Charlie B.S. or “the ramblings of an average guy trying to be so much more.”


A pop culture junkie rising from the swamps of New Jersey, educated in the farms of Pennsylvania, and crystallized on the beaches of Miami, Charles Berger Schneider (or Charlie B.S., professionally) is a man of talent and class, far surpassing the limited capacity of your average creative. Years spent chasing journalistic excellence have not left him battered or disillusioned but, rather, reinvigorated by one simple purpose—tired of selling out, he decided to sell out.


Years of study over every bit of intellectual trivia from Anton Chekhov to Barney Miller to Lady Gaga combined with an almost supernatural "second sight" for online media have shaped this young man to what some have called the Michael Jordan of creative concepting.


The metamorphosis into a true creative force complete Charlie B.S. is now available to you... and doesn't that make you feel lucky?


In a world of possibilities, he makes the impossible happen. Charlie B.S.

Charlie B. Schneider

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