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FLONASE Digital 

I worked across platforms on this campaign designed to engaged, educated, and excited consumers about the February 2015 launch FLONASE over the counter.


We created a new FLONASE website to act as a home base for the product and over the counter launch online. Informative news source articles were designed for both limited runs and social media cross publishing.

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Created a social media content hub on tumblr to excite and educate consumers about the launch of FLONASE over the counter.

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Online Banners

Generated banners to inform and interest consumers about the launch of FLONASE over the counter.
Weather tracker Sponsorship, launch & fall images, and sponsorship banner.


Desktop and mobile site banner ads 


A giant FLONASE bottle activation would be set up in Central Park during peak spring allergy season. With the help of a friendly brand ambassador, the experience would educate consumers about FLONASE over the counter and the six types of allergic substances that it helps block. 


How it works:

A glass cylinder attached to a fan would contain representations of allergic substances and a touch screen would give information about how FLONASE helps block them. When the giant FLONASE bottle is pumped the allergic substances would appear and a ticket would be dispensed. This ticket would give consumers a chance to win either an allergy free vacation or a coupon for a FLONASE discount. 


Wrote emails to engage consumers interested in FLONASE over the counter before the launch.

Digital Banners

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